I enjoy the new, the undiscovered, and the unusual.  I started this blog to make sure that I'll keep trying new things and to provide an outlet for some of my weird ideas. Because queerness (that is, weirdness) is totally relative, a lot of the things I write about are completely normal in other cultures but jaw dropping to your average American. I might write about something that's totally normal to me just because I know it'll be weird to someone else. So please keep this in mind if you're ever surprised or offended by what I write about. Also, I don't care if you're shocked or offended in the first place, so there's that. 

As for me, I'm a twenty-something lesbian living in NYC. I have a sweet mohawk, two awesome apartment mates, a band, an MA in psychology, and a crushing amount of student loan debt. I'm not overly concerned with being grammatically (or morally) correct on this blog. It's just for fun and to practice my culinary skills. 
Stay queer!

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